Saturday, 21 July 2012

I just ate a lot of cheesecake

The peach and raspberry was a success! Had a lovely Moroccan dinner with friends and we finished off with the very fresh and fruity cheesecake I made this morning. (And half a white chocolate cheesecake that I'd defrosted.) I still reckon it could do with some gelatine to firm it up, and it's certainly not the easy-to-slice variety I'd be able to sell, but it was good enough that I had a second slab after I'd finished the washing up. The raspberry sauce I blitzed up at the end to drizzle on top was fantastically tart, and the whole thing was very fluffy considering it was made with cream cheese rather than ricotta. Freaking expensive with 500g of fresh raspberries altogether, but definitely worth it.

Here's my top shelf this morning....

....and the post dinner view, albeit a bit blurry

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