Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Peach & Raspberry Cheesecake

This weekend I'm making a mango cheesecake for a cafe and a  blueberry one for my friend Jules' party, and so figured I should try something new for the friends who are coming for dinner on Saturday night. Most of my friends aren't fussy and are happy with anything large, round and containing butter, cream and sugar, but my friend's boyfriend is a Real Life Chef.  He's not a food snob (I don't think), but I still want to make something that doesn't come a side order of  "I just made it up, so if it's horrible tell me and I'll get you some Haagen Daz instead." 

Thus, when Good Food magazine caught my eye on the shelf of WHSmiths in a service station on the edge of Blackburn this weekend -  I only hang out in where the cool kids go, clearly - I realised I'd found a new recipe.

So: Peach Melba Cheesecake it will be. But I'm calling mine a Peach and Raspberry cheesecake because I don't know what a 'Melba' is. Not convinced mine will look this glorious, but I'll post some photos once it's done.

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