Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Brussels, Secularism and lovely Shi'as

Just returned from Brussels and  the European Parliament where I meet with the friendly folks from the new European Network on Religion and Belief ( Full of interesting wranglings over the meaning of the term secularism, ever-marvellous Hare Krishna catering, discussions on tackling religious discrimination across the continent and my first attempts to get my head round European political structures.

I met lots of fascinating people who's pearls of wisdom I'll share in the coming days, but was also delighted to bump into the deeply spiritual, learned and inspiring Moulana Sayyid Ali Raza Rivzi. I haven't seen him for some years and he's now hugely responsible for lots of Shia Muslims across Europe.  A very lovely man indeed. Here I am with him at the end of today's session:

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  1. In total agreement - a deep pool of calm & wisdom surrounds him. You are looking very happy! A great bunch of folk and interesting times ahead - thanks for coming Hannah - & I'll be down to Tooting for some Alphonsos v soon :)