Saturday, 26 May 2012

First cheesecake sale (weather permitting)

Two cheesecakes dispatched this morning: One Blueberry & White Chocolate and one Madagascan Vanilla & Oreo cookie. Our ever temperamental fridge frosted up over night, so the tasters we had this morning were pretty grainy and full of ice crystals. Hmm. After a small 8am panic I decided they'd probably be fine once taken out of the fridge, but as south London is a sweltering 26 degrees today they may also melt. Just heading back to the cafe to drop off my invoice so am hoping today's creations haven't turned to mush in the last 4 hours and that they'll still be happy to pay me.

Husband & I then meandered down to Abbey Mills, the slightly incongruous foody/shoppy 'village square' off the giant ugly Colliers Wood retail park. Had their decent sized 'Half Breakfast' served by spectacularly surly sixteen year olds, featuring some snappably crispy bacon (as it should be) and including a decaf coffee that didn't taste too much like dirt. Nice times.


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