Friday, 29 June 2012

Goldilocks and the Three Cheesecakes

According to the fairy tale, upon creeping into the Three Bears' house Goldilocks was traumatised by porridge that was first too hot, then too cold, before she chanced upon one that was just right. Now I know how the poor girl felt.

Just recently my previously foolproof Blueberry & White Chocolate cheesecake has either been turning out too grainy - due to over whipping the cream and/or not letting the chocolate cool enough; or too runny -  the result of under-whipping the cream for fear of it going grainy. 

I awoke this morning to find last night's creation was just too gooey and clearly never going to set enough to be sliced neatly, so it went in the freezer for when my mum comes next week. I made another after breakfast (toast, not cheesecake), wondering whether adding a touch of gelatin would help. It didn't. Flavour was fine but it had the texture of sick and went straight in the bin:

I've just finished giving my third and final attempt my full attention, making sure I used an electric whisk for exactly one minute (more reliable) and letting the chocolate cool for 20 whole minutes in the bathroom (my kitchen is sweltering). Et voila! Perfect consistency accompanied by the fattest blueberries I've ever seen.

The knack? Concentration: don't make multiple cheesecakes at the same time. Phew. Another delivery ready for Ahmed in the morning.

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