Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A not-quite-kosher-enough cheesecake - and a Rocky Road delight

What a successful weekend - the highly experimental Rhubarb Cheesecake & Rocky Road Cheesecake worked out pretty darn amazing.

I realised the husband, an ardent anti-rhubarb activist, had turned a corner on the fruit front when I noticed the crumbs on his chin and the empty plate on his lap. A fine endorsement. It wasn't too stringy as I had feared, though I will try blitzing the baked rhubarb for even longer next time to try and make it super smooth. The downside is it's not the prettiest cheesecake, so will have to think about glamming it up before it's commercially viable.

I also nearly fed a slice to my Jewish friend Danny last night, then had to whisk it out from under him when he asked if it was gelatine free (sorry again fella!). He did inform me that Jews who keep Kosher can actually eat food that is less than one sixtieth non-kosher, but I wasn't confident my dessert quite fit the criteria. 

I've just checked this out and he wasn't winding me up - there's actually a principle called batel b'shishim, which means if a 'forbidden' ingredient is present in such tiny quantities it's barely there, then it's null and void and fine to eat. How wonderfully sensible. So can Jews eat smoky bacon crisps? Don't imagine there's much meat in them. Will have to ask Danny.

Danny and my other non-Kosher friends did also kindly help me to eat my first Rocky Road cheesecake last night. OH MY GOODNESS! Other than the base being a touch on the fat side, it was delicious. Just need to play around with the drizzled milkybar-almond-Oreo cookie-marshmallow topping to make it easier to cut and we're ready to rock & roll.

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