Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rocky Road Cheesecake: A Step Too Far?

Right. The classic flavours are getting close to being nailed, and I just need to tweak the texture of the vanilla. So on last night's long drive back from our Jubilee weekend in Shropshire I had a brainstorm of the next batch of flavours to try.

How do we feel about a Rocky Road Cheesecake?

A good Rocky Road served with a steaming cuppa can perk me up on the crappiest of days, but a bad one makes me want to smack the person who served it to me (Starbucks "baristas" watch out). So I only want to bother with a cheesecake version if it's going to be gurt lush. And if you don't know what gurt lush means then you need to spend more time drinking cider in Bristol.

The first step before I get to the Rocky Road is to see if I can make my own marshmallows to dwell on, and possibly in, it's crunchy chocolatey body. Mmm mmm mmm.

I have therefore purchased for this noble endeavour a sugar thermometer and dug out a recipe book for old fashioned sweets. Given I'd just as happily eat a bag of marshmallows as a big slab of cheesecake, I might be at risk of getting side tracked into a new sugary sideline (marshmallows are the new macaroons: you heard it here first).

Am hoping they will look like this:

Not like this:

But even if they do I'll end up spreading them on chocolate hobnobs and eating them for breakfast, so I guess I can't lose.